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In March 2019, Smokinggear will be hosting the third edition of the EU Vacation, the event we created in 2016 in vibrant Barcelona, where the glassblowers from all over the world  gather together for a week before the Spannabis trade show to work on some mind-blowing glass collabs.

For the second time now we will gladly invite the artists to our glassblowing studio in BCN. The production part of the EU Vacation is not open to the public, however, once the pieces are ready, they are showcased and up for sale for 1-2 days at one of our favourite social clubs, the NPK Club.

The pieces that haven’t been sold at the event will be displayed at our booth at Spannabis.

For few years now, Smokinggear was one of the companies participating in the Spannabis and we want to proudly announce that this year we are an official sponsor of the show. We also got our own 18m2 booth in the outdoor area, just in front of the expo entrance

so pass by to say HIGH ūüôā



We are thrilled to announce that the countdown to the 5th edition of the European Functional Flame Off has begun!!! In four months from now, a group of talented and imaginative artists will share their passion for the craft of glassblowing and transform molten glass into beautiful and functional pieces.

Organised for the first time in Denmark, EFFO moved for three years to Spain and we feel like it’s time to put a new stamp on¬†its passport. We couldn’t think of a better place than the UK, the motherland to so many acclaimed glassblowers and glass lovers.

We are currently looking for a space big enough to fit our equipment, the competitors and our visitors.


Last year, we were happy to see all the enthusiasts of glassblowing and other associated professions brought together to learn about the process, connect with the artists and mingle with like-minded people.

The facility which we rented in Barcelona allowed us to organize the working stations for the competitors, a comfortable lounge space with a bar and nearly twenty showcases with the glass art.

Here are the winning pieces of the 4th EFFO. 1st place – Heliox, 2nd place – Dok, 3rd place – EVS 78.

The winner of the 4th EFFO, Heliox


Our glassblowing studio in Denmark became the venue for the 1st EFFO with four attendants and a group of our glass loving customers. The following editions¬†counted¬†ten competitors and attracted hundreds of spectators.¬†What’s more, our persistent efforts, led SmokingGear to opening their new studio in Barcelona where we were able to host the European Vacation. The myriads of colorful pipes created during the event, were later¬†displayed at¬†the NPK Club.

From day one, SmokingGear wanted to support and contribute to the glass scene by connecting the artists and allowing them to work with the high quality products and materials. This wouldn’t be possible without the help and support we received from you. Thank you! If you’re interested in the sponsorship of the 5th EFFO, contact us. 35516160_1863181040408214_3176511645518135296_n


Fewd for thought

The functional glass art scene has grown fast in U.S. leaving Europe a little behind, in our smokers culture we have been used more to papers than glass, but now things are changing and the time of the glass appreciation has come to Europe too.
After making a small Flame Off last year at Smokinggear in Denmark with 5 attendants, this year we bring the event to the next level at the Expo Grow in Irun, with 10 competitors at the moment.
With this event we want to help the european glass scene to grow stronger and give the chance to all the glassblowers to be known in the world wide glass community.

We appreciate all the help we are receiving and we ask to all of you to help us showing interest in this event, sharing or sponsoring, what we give back is hard and serious work ;D contact: FLAMEOFF@SMOKINGGEAR.DK

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Sneek Peek!

Sneak peek of some of the glass sponsored by @glassalchemy

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Photo de Valerie Kaya Fin.

Just received!

Just got the tools sponsored by @griffintools someone’s gonna be happy Thank you Griffin Glass Tools for sponsoring the 2nd European Flame Off!

Competitors Prize!

The winner of the Flame Off will have solo show at Chills & Thrills shop, Nieuwendijk 17 Amsterdam.
If you are in Amsterdam and need dab equipment stop by them and you’ll have the chance to see our pipe “The Ray Machine” by Bernd Weinmayer on display there.

Photo de Valerie Kaya Fin.

2nd European Functional Flame Off Video Trailer

Make sure to check out the trailer for the 2nd European Functional Flame Off made on the FB event page

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2nd European Flame Off Competitors

BIG UP to the 10 glassblowers that will compete at the event Hive Glass Arpad Kovacs David Bentham Original Glass Elias Mena Martin Jones Sascha Hasanovic Manu Raves Helio Linares Make sure to check out their work

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Photo de Valerie Kaya Fin.
Photo de Valerie Kaya Fin.

High Volume Oxygen Sponsor

Thanks to High Volume Oxygen for being a sponsor of the 2nd @european_flame_off 11-12-13th of September ExpoGrow Irun – Basque Country -Spain

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Rolling Gear by Smokinggear

Rolling Gear by Smokinggear, original conic filter tips and custom mix trays, sponsor of the 2nd @european_flame_off see you at the @smokinggear tent, 11-12-13th of September ExpogrowIrun Admi Nistra Dora Basque Country – Spain

Photo de Valerie Kaya Fin.