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We are thrilled to announce that the countdown to the 5th edition of the European Functional Flame Off has begun!!! In four months from now, a group of talented and imaginative artists will share their passion for the craft of glassblowing and transform molten glass into beautiful and functional pieces.

Organised for the first time in Denmark, EFFO moved for three years to Spain and we feel like it’s time to put a new stamp on its passport. We couldn’t think of a better place than the UK, the motherland to so many acclaimed glassblowers and glass lovers.

We are currently looking for a space big enough to fit our equipment, the competitors and our visitors.


Last year, we were happy to see all the enthusiasts of glassblowing and other associated professions brought together to learn about the process, connect with the artists and mingle with like-minded people.

The facility which we rented in Barcelona allowed us to organize the working stations for the competitors, a comfortable lounge space with a bar and nearly twenty showcases with the glass art.

Here are the winning pieces of the 4th EFFO. 1st place – Heliox, 2nd place – Dok, 3rd place – EVS 78.

The winner of the 4th EFFO, Heliox


Our glassblowing studio in Denmark became the venue for the 1st EFFO with four attendants and a group of our glass loving customers. The following editions counted ten competitors and attracted hundreds of spectators. What’s more, our persistent efforts, led SmokingGear to opening their new studio in Barcelona where we were able to host the European Vacation. The myriads of colorful pipes created during the event, were later displayed at the NPK Club.

From day one, SmokingGear wanted to support and contribute to the glass scene by connecting the artists and allowing them to work with the high quality products and materials. This wouldn’t be possible without the help and support we received from you. Thank you! If you’re interested in the sponsorship of the 5th EFFO, contact us. 35516160_1863181040408214_3176511645518135296_n


spannabis 2015

Smokinggear and friends at Spannabis 2015

 DON’T miss out at the Spannabis in Barcelona

Stand 160, outdoor tent, come try Cloud Penz!!!

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3 days of class @ Smoking Gear Glass Studio with the BoroFarm!

Come and join this 3 days class taught by Kraig Hansen & Herb Carson of the Boro Farm.

Kraig and Herb currently live and work out of Estacada, OR and have over 26 years of combined experience.

Be ready to work long and hard we want you to get what you pay for!!!!

Big Up to our first attendants @dokglass @mellowglass @sicknoteglass

For more info send a mail to –


October 2014

After being in Toronto for the Treating YourSelf expo where there was a Flame Off with some of the best glassblowers in the world
divided in 3 groups and after seeing the glassblowing scene growing so fast in US.

We decided to do something to involve European glassblowers and start to evolve the scene with the First European Functional Flame Off and class with Sascha from Badabing Glaswerks.

The attendants to the First European Flame Off were:

DokGlass – 1st place winner

MellowGlass– 2nd place winner

Badabing Glaswerk – 3rd place winner

OriginalGlass– unclassified cos the piece broke.

Smoking Gear presents the 1st European Flame Off
Smoking Gear presents the 1st European Flame Off

What’s a Flame Off?

A Flame Off is a competition between glassblowers or groups of glassblowers that have a certain amount of time to make a piece to enter the competition.

 The groups or glassblower will have the same tools, same amount of glass and same amount of time to complete the entry.

November 2013

October – November 2013 starts our second project for the

Smoking Gear Glass Studio.

We welcomed the second group of GlassBlowers this time coming from USA.

october november 2013

Marcel Braun

Dellene Peralta

Bryan Dosher – Doshworld Glass

Arron Siverson

After a couple of weeks spent in Denmark producing glass we took off all together to Amsterdam to attend the High Times Cannabis Cup.

October 2013

In 2011 SmokingGear moved to a bigger facility of almost 1000m2.

So much space and much love for glass art (mainly functional) brought the mind behind Smokinggear, Lars,  to put up a glassblowing studio inside the shop.

In October 2013 we started our adventure with the GlassBlowing project inviting the first group of glassblowers from Canada





First experience, just the start, a lot to learn, much more to come!!!!