Our next project…


High people 😀

In March 2019, Smokinggear will be hosting the third edition of the EU Vacation, the event we created in 2016 in vibrant Barcelona, where the glassblowers from all over the world  gather together for a week before the Spannabis trade show to work on some mind-blowing glass collabs.

For the second time now we will gladly invite the artists to our glassblowing studio in BCN. The production part of the EU Vacation is not open to the public, however, once the pieces are ready, they are showcased and up for sale for 1-2 days at one of our favourite social clubs, the NPK Club.

The pieces that haven’t been sold at the event will be displayed at our booth at Spannabis.

For few years now, Smokinggear was one of the companies participating in the Spannabis and we want to proudly announce that this year we are an official sponsor of the show. We also got our own 18m2 booth in the outdoor area, just in front of the expo entrance

so pass by to say HIGH 🙂


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