Glass Alchemy

Glass Alchemy is a thriving family business started by Henry and Susan Grimmet in 2000. By putting together their passion for science and art they’ve created a color palette for the emerging boro glass scene which looked very much different at that time. It took all their devotion and effort to create a solid base for this industry.

Now, their children, Jodie and Thomas are taking good care of the company. From the first year we reached out to them and spoke to Jodie, we immediately realized how much dedication there is behind their work.

We are grateful to have received their support since the 1st EFFO and, because the only glass allowed in the competition is the sponsored one and distributed equally between the glassblowers, our competitors were able to work with some of the wildest colors on the market.

We deeply appreciate the willingness with which the Glass Alchemy have and continue to sponsor the European Functional Flame Off. Thank you again for your generous support!