Oil Slick Pad : Platinium Cured Silicone

For Dabbers on the go, the Oil Slick™ Duo are a pair of Slick Pads the size of an index card.

Completely non-stick, Oil Slick Duo is the perfect surface for handling your precious extracts.


Use the Oil Slick Duo to catch 100% of your lost reclaim

Two to a package to keep your extract covered and safe from airborne debris on the go or at home

The Oil Slick Duo is an environmentally friendly alternative to parchment paper

 The reinforced surface is non-stick, heat resistant, and completely reusable

Oil Slick Duo is microwave and hot-plate safe.  The unique material spreads heat evenly when used for purging and handles temperatures up to 500°F

 The highest grade of silicone available, our unique material is manufactured from medical grade (USP6) silicone.  Unlike Food Grade silicone, USP6 material is completely free of manufacturing byproducts and is comprised only of pure silicone.

Don’t settle for cheap imitations, Only “Oil Slick Platinum Cured” silicone has no bad odors, smells or flavors that can affect the purity of your extract.


Oil Slick Duo Features:

Platinum Cured Silicone

Non-Stick handles the stickiest botanical extracts with ease

Easy to clean wash with soap and water, or wipe with alcohol for waterless cleaning

Heat Transfer up to 500°F

Get your Oil Slick Duo



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