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Smokinggear and friends at Spannabis 2015

 DON’T miss out at the Spannabis in Barcelona

Stand 160, outdoor tent, come try Cloud Penz!!!

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3 days of class @ Smoking Gear Glass Studio with the BoroFarm!

Come and join this 3 days class taught by Kraig Hansen & Herb Carson of the Boro Farm.

Kraig and Herb currently live and work out of Estacada, OR and have over 26 years of combined experience.

Be ready to work long and hard we want you to get what you pay for!!!!

Big Up to our first attendants @dokglass @mellowglass @sicknoteglass

For more info send a mail to –


October 2014

After being in Toronto for the Treating YourSelf expo where there was a Flame Off with some of the best glassblowers in the world
divided in 3 groups and after seeing the glassblowing scene growing so fast in US.

We decided to do something to involve European glassblowers and start to evolve the scene with the First European Functional Flame Off and class with Sascha from Badabing Glaswerks.

The attendants to the First European Flame Off were:

DokGlass – 1st place winner

MellowGlass– 2nd place winner

Badabing Glaswerk – 3rd place winner

OriginalGlass– unclassified cos the piece broke.

Smoking Gear presents the 1st European Flame Off
Smoking Gear presents the 1st European Flame Off

What’s a Flame Off?

A Flame Off is a competition between glassblowers or groups of glassblowers that have a certain amount of time to make a piece to enter the competition.

 The groups or glassblower will have the same tools, same amount of glass and same amount of time to complete the entry.

November 2013

October – November 2013 starts our second project for the

Smoking Gear Glass Studio.

We welcomed the second group of GlassBlowers this time coming from USA.

october november 2013

Marcel Braun

Dellene Peralta

Bryan Dosher – Doshworld Glass

Arron Siverson

After a couple of weeks spent in Denmark producing glass we took off all together to Amsterdam to attend the High Times Cannabis Cup.

October 2013

In 2011 SmokingGear moved to a bigger facility of almost 1000m2.

So much space and much love for glass art (mainly functional) brought the mind behind Smokinggear, Lars,  to put up a glassblowing studio inside the shop.

In October 2013 we started our adventure with the GlassBlowing project inviting the first group of glassblowers from Canada





First experience, just the start, a lot to learn, much more to come!!!!

Dr. GreenThumb Glassworks X Cloud Pen is now here!

Cloud Penz™ was founded in 2012 in Orange County , Califorina by Heavy Essential Oil experts that were tired of inferior products. The company hit the market running with the Cloud Pen, and they have won a number of awards at the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup.

The wait is over! The Dr. GreenThumb Glassworks X Cloud Pen is now here! This pen features a matte white finish and Dr. GreenThumb’s fingerprint over the button. Each pen comes with a MICRO-USB charger and Cloud C-Tensil dab tool. Don’t miss your chance to get this pen as this is a LIMITED RELEASE!

10404490_1574444402785326_4853912949192205719_nDr. GreenThumb Glassworks X Cloud Pen

10644947_1574444082785358_5548898636201690987_nDr. GreenThumb Glassworks X Cloud Pen


Cloud Pen™ Package Include:

1pc. Cloud Pen™ Lithium Ion Battery

1pc. Cloud Pen™ Mouthpiece

1pc. Cloud Pen™ Medi Grade Atomizer

1pc. Cloud Pen™ Funnel Atomizer

1pc. Cloud Pen™ Wall Adapter

1pc. Cloud Pen™ Wired Micro USB Charger

1pc. Cloud Pen™ User Manual

1pc. Cloud Pen™ Cloud Tensil

1pc. Cloud Pen™ Travel Case

The Cloud Pen™ Medi Grade Atomizer included in the kit may be used with all/any essential oils.

Cloud Pen™ Features :

Longer Lasting Lithium Ion Battery Life (about 50% stronger)

Inverted color of Cloud Pen™ Button (for more discreet use)

Green LED Back-lit button

NEW Heavy Duty Atomizer

NEW Micro USB ChargerReplacement Atomizers also available HERE10801713_844391708974666_5269010496512048391_n
 Cloud Penz

Cloud Pen Paragon: The new 3 in 1 vape pen By Cloud Penz!

The Cloud Pen Paragon is the new born vape pen from Cloud Penz!

This new vape allows you to load flowers, organic solids and oils,

3 In 1 solid vape pen!

Put your favorite flowers, organic solids or oils  directly into the pens ceramic chamber.

The Cloud Pen Paragon delivers you all the flavor and quality to reach an amazing vaping experience.

This vape pen will give you solid clouds, perfect for the person
on the job or on the go.

Cloud Pen Paragon
Cloud Pen Paragon
Cloud Pen Paragon
Cloud Pen Paragon

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